Enter in the diet of foods rich in protein. This hard cheese, lean meat, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, nuts. These products should be a Supplement to your regular diet. It is better to eat small frequent meals. Meals should be at least 5, but better than 7-8. Eat vegetable fats, not animal. They are easier absorbed by the body. Try not to eat foods rich in simple carbohydrates. They can slow down the weight gain.
Every day eat 6-7 eggs
Daily you should get about 10-15% more calories than you spend. Otherwise, the muscles will be simply nowhere to take. Such a calculation need to spend very precisely. Count the number of calories consumed by the scheme of the Muffin-Ceora. And accurately calculates how much and what you ate for the day.
Regularly drink vitamins. Even without sports people often do not receive all the nutrients that the body needs. And regular exercise speed up the metabolism, so the body needs and a strong dose of vitamins.
Exercise 3 times a week. Training should be intense but not very long. The optimum time of one class is an hour and a half. It should include 10-15 minutes of training on the cardiovascular equipment. The muscles need to maximum load, so be sure to use dumbbells and barbells. The more weight the better. It is not necessary to do many approaches with small weight. It is better to perform the exercise 6-8 times, but used for training the maximum weights you can lift.
Use dumbbells and barbells
Refrain from training on simulators, they are only grind the body, helping to increase muscle mass. Do the exercises with a weight in which no restrictions on movement. Be sure to do basic exercises that will give the load on several muscle groups. The classes should include squats, the bench press, deadlift.
Between exercises you must rest. This means, almost entirely to abandon any physical activity. Every day you have to sleep at least 8 hours to the body quickly able to gain muscle mass.
Take 3 liters of milk, add 2 cups of milk powder and 40 grams of protein. For flavor you can add cocoa or ice cream. All the ingredients you need to mix in blender. The resulting cocktail drink between meals. Be sure to drink a glass before training and after training. Store the mixture should be refrigerated.