Before you start training, determine the type of your physique. This will depend on the approach to training and nutrition. But the main principles of recruitment of muscle mass is almost identical.
Do not make exercise program independently. For quick muscle growth need the right approach to the organization of the loads. It is better to spend money on advice from a professional instructor. Otherwise you run the risk of losing time in useless classes.
Work out in the gym at least three times a week. In strength training need of both men and women. To achieve muscle growth is possible thanks to training with "weight".
Do not swing the muscles in isolation. It takes too much time. Train large muscle groups: back, chest, buttocks and the press, biceps, quads. They are involved in shaping an athletic silhouette.
Engage with "free weight". With barbell exercises you will simultaneously involve all the major muscle groups, and activate the production of growth hormone. Because of this, you significantly reduce the time of training.
Include in your classes deadlifts, squats and bench press. These exercises promote maximum muscle growth and are called basic. Do them only under the supervision of an instructor or partner, at least at first. They are very effective, but only when executed correctly.
To muscle is actively growing, a good rest. The more intense the load, the more time you take to relax.
Increase the load by increasing the mass of the projectile, not by reducing the breaks between sets or number of repetitions.
Drink plenty of fluids. Muscle is 80% water. Dehydration can cause loss of muscle mass. That is why the process of reduction of muscles referred to as "drying".
Give your muscles the necessary amount of protein. It is necessary for their active growth. The best source of these nutrients is meat and fish. If you have excess weight, the better to eat Turkey meat. It is not as fat and 50% protein. From cereals prefer buckwheat.