Protein is a special blend with a high content of proteins, which is perfectly absorbed by the human body and promotes the rapid build permanent muscle mass. Normal protein obtained by the athlete from the food protein to displace not able, however, to replace it with a simple diet with a high content of this element is also not possible as fats and carbohydrates obtained from food, have more negative than positive impact on the figure. In addition, the athlete in this case you will need to establish clear diet containing the proper ratio of proteins of different species, plant and animal. This is necessary in order to provide the body fell the entire spectrum of needed amino acids.


To the products rich in protein include:
- chicken breast,
- liver,
- seafood,
- low-fat cottage cheese,
- light cheese
- legumes,
chicken proteins,
- milk,
- kefir.


Bodybuilding professionals recommend to establish a special regime of eating: to eat the above foods every few hours, small portions of gold. Throughout the day you should get a proportion required for fast muscle building: two grams of protein per one kilogram of its own weight.

It is considered that a reasonable alternative proteins is ordinary milk, which, incidentally, is the basis of many protein powders. This simple product more than a third consists of whey and casein protein, another fifty percent are useful for the body is carbohydrates.

Many athletes in the fight for valuable proteins move to eating baby food. Despite the fact that the protein it contains is slightly smaller than in proteins, it stimulates the growth and development of the child's body that the athletes skillfully used against its own muscles. The lack of protein in child nutrition experts advise to fill due to special amino acids that should be added in a particular proportion for every 2-3 pounds of baby food.

This funny method is considered to be one of the most expensive, however, and he has a legitimate right to exist, especially in cases when to get a protein Supplement is not possible.