Set passwords on phones is done in a similar way on all models. So to protect your cell phone with a password, you need to perform the following steps. Go to the main menu of your phone and choose in the menu "Settings" (on some models this menu may be called "Options", "Settings" or "Configuration"). Next, locate the option "Settings". In this menu you can set a password not only on phone but also on the sections, including on the SIM card.
Go to the menu "Password for phone" and set activation password. Next, set yourself an access code. After saving all settings, when enabled, the device will require you to enter the password you set. What to do if you try to install a password on the phone, the device requires input of the old code?
If you can't set a password on the phone, as the device asks for old code, do not worry. Standard on all modern phones is the factory code in the form of four units, or four zeros. To assign a new password to the phone, when prompted simply enter the old combination of 1111 or 0000, then set your access code.
Try to pick the password that you will not forget (the birthday mother or girlfriend), but do not specify the password your date of birth because when you need access to the phone will get anyone.