You will need
  • -candles;
  • -blood-thinning medications;
  • -juice of raw potato;
  • -juice phoenicea Rowan;
  • -olive, castor, sea buckthorn oil.
After a visit to the doctor you will be assigned a number of tests, and in some cases even a biopsy. Don't be alarmed to hear that word, because histological study was conducted as a safety net, not because they suspect it is cancer. It is not necessary to treat yourself, is that it only complicates the disease, causing complications.
If the disease can be treated with conservative methods, the doctor will prescribe you medicines: the means blood thinners, candles and microclysters with special means. Don't make a decision what drugs to start taking without specifying a proctologist. Not all types of drugs can help in various stages of deterioration, therefore, are selected individually and only after the conclusion of the doctor. According to a certain scheme take prescribed means, try not to miss any admission or drug administration.
As auxiliary treatment, do microclysters with olive, castor or sea buckthorn oil. Enter the night into the anus about 5-7 ml of any oil, try to keep it to yourself. Gradually there will be improvement, but without the main treatment they can not follow.
Drink the juice of raw potatoes. Grind the fruit and press, and the resulting liquid is put into a glass dish. Can squeeze the juice on juicer. Take 100 ml of juice three times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment should be approximately 30 days.
Drink the juice of mountain ash three times a day 25 ml. Can add honey or sugar. The fruits of mountain ash phoenicea possess mild laxative and anti-inflammatory effect. Also noticed and hemostatic effect of these berries.
Easy stage internal hemorrhoids are treated in just one month, especially under the supervision of a specialist. In more complex cases, all of the above tools will be powerless. If the doctor advises to carry out surgery, do not be afraid and listen, after all, can not always cure the disease medications.