Candles and ointment from hemorrhoids

Considered to be the most secure candles with sea buckthorn oil, you can buy them at the pharmacy at very affordable price. In proctologic practice, the drug is used not only for hemorrhoids, but anal fissures. The effectiveness of the candles average, but they are not contraindicated during lactation and pregnancy.

Candles "Neo-Claimant" containing bismuth and zinc, as well as auxiliary components. The drug has a drying, regenerating and wound healing properties. Used as hemorrhoids and fissures.

"Posterize" is available in the form of suppositories and ointments. The present composition of Escherichia coli, which increase local immunity, relieve inflammation, itching and pain. Drug use in pregnancy and lactation on prescription.

Pharmacies can be found "Procto-Glivenol" in the form of suppositories and ointments. The drug helps, as evidenced by the feedback of patients. Among the components listed lidocaine and tribenoside. The application may be an allergic reaction.

Less harmless, but more effective drug, "Proctosedyl". Candles and ointment contain hormones, antibiotics and excipients. To use the drug should not more than 5 days. If the symptoms persist, the doctor may extend the course of treatment.

"Gepatrombin-G - venotonic drug, which can be found in the form of suppositories and ointments. In the present prednisolone, heparin, polidocanol and excipients. The rate of application is determined by a physician.

Enough is known about the drug, "relief" also helps to cope with a delicate problem. Depending on the severity of hemorrhoids and symptoms, a proctologist will choose the most suitable option of candles or ointments. "Relief" comes with a different composition.

Self-medication for hemorrhoids intolerable!

If you have become concerned about hemorrhoids, but the diagnosis is not a proctologist, but only the feelings, do not rush to buy candles and ointments. In addition to the hemorrhoids, there may be other deviations, such as fissures, which give the same symptoms.

Remember that time identified problem is half the battle. If you do not contact the hospital, it is likely to be on the operating table. Rehabilitation after excision of the classical way of hemorrhoids prolonged. Early on, you can do a properly chosen drugs.