Hemorrhoids: General information about the disease, its causes

Hemorrhoids, popularly referred to as the emerods is a disease hemorrhoids intestine caused by impaired blood flow to the cavernous little bodies of the rectum. These crowded the bullock, and cause the formation of abnormal nodes. In addition, the longitudinal muscle of the rectum and ligaments of parks weaken and be unable to hold in place the cavernous body. Independently of this process to stop not – it only progresses.

The first symptom of hemorrhoids is blood that the patient discovers, or in the products of defecation, or on used toilet paper. Some patients open jet bleeding, a dangerous development of anemia. In chronic course of the disease in the process of defecation and after nodes appear around the anus. In addition to bleeding and vbuhanie hemorrhoids, the patient may experience pain in the process of defecation and itching of the anus. On the penultimate and last stages of the disease hemorrhoids fall out.

Development of hemorrhoids can be triggered by a number of factors:
- pregnancy;
- childbirth;
- obesity;
- constipation and diarrhea;
- a sedentary lifestyle;
- improper diet;
- heavy lifting;
- genetic predisposition.

Medical treatment of hemorrhoids

The appointment of certain medicines for the treatment of hemorrhoids is based on the clinical picture of the disease. So, if the patient suffers from frequent bleeding, he prescribed rectal candles with mezaton or adrenalin (relief, Procto-glivenol). They are allowed to be combined with local hemostatic products containing thrombin and fibrinogen (Veriplast, Adrokson). To eliminate the pain in trombirovanne node is useful to handle the anus ointments with analgesics (Nelwan, relief.

Thrombosis, associated with inflammation and accompanied by itching, treat application of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids (Diclofenac, Ultraproct, Proctosedyl). If the inflammatory process has spread to the surrounding skin, it is recommended that treatment with ointments Levomekol and Marinid.

Hemorrhoid treatment traditional medicines

A simple and effective treatment of hemorrhoids is the adoption of soda baths, for cooking where you will need a basin half filled with water with dissolved in it 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Take this procedure for half an hour in the sitting position. If the water cools, in a bowl you can pour hot boiled water. After the first treatment painful bumps decrease and after 3 days disappear altogether.

The adoption of soda baths can be supplemented by the introduction of tampons with sea buckthorn oil. For this purpose a piece of cotton wool wrapped in sterile gauze and soaked in oil. The tampon is introduced into the anus at night and remove in the morning. The procedure can be performed within one month.

To deal with chronic hemorrhoids will help plant the harrow. To relieve inflammation with pathological nodes use a tablespoon to his roots, ground in a meat grinder. The resulting mass pour 1 Cup of water and set for half an hour in a water bath. Ready broth is filtered and diluted with boiled water until, until it reaches the original volume. Take medicinal decoction orally, 3 times a day for half an hour before eating a quarter Cup. The third portion preferably drink before bedtime, but after a couple of hours after eating. The course of treatment with this decoction is 3 weeks.