You will need
  • - rectal suppositories;
  • - blood-thinning drugs;
  • - medicinal herbs;
  • - raw potatoes;
  • - sea buckthorn oil.
Refer to the proctologist, if you are plagued by unpleasant sensations in the anus. If left untreated, can develop hemorrhoids, which often have to excise. If the disease was diagnosed at an early stage, you will be prescribed medication. It consists in taking blood thinning drugs, and special candles. To pick up funds by yourself is impossible, this can only be done by a doctor.
Eat only soft foods that contains a minimum of ballast substances. Totally abstain from eating spicy food and pickled vegetables and fruits. To improve bowel movements, drink, jelly, decoction of flax seed and natural juices.
On the background of the main treatment and ancillary spend in order to get rid of the disease. Wash the potatoes and grate them with the skin. The resulting slurry wrap in gauze and apply to anus. If you have internal hemorrhoids, make a candle from raw potatoes. Enter them before going to sleep.
Take sitz baths with herbal decoctions. When bleeding, helps the nettle. Boil 4 tablespoons of chopped herbs in a liter of boiling water, leave for about an hour. Strain and dilute with warm boiled water to 3-4 liters of infusion. Pour it into a wide basin and sit in it for 15-20 minutes. To remove itching and burning will help a decoction of sage, Bur marigold and St. John's wort. Brew them the same way.
Lubricate hemorrhoids sea buckthorn oil – these will help relieve itching and inflammation. Can use rectal suppositories, containing the extract of sea buckthorn. Consult before applying them with your doctor.
Do not lift weights, as this can lead to the loss of nodes. Exercise, to improve blood flow in the veins. In most cases, to the emergence of hemorrhoids leads a sedentary lifestyle, intake of alcoholic beverages and irregular meals. If possible, exclude the influence of adverse factors on your body.