Stand in front of the bars. The width of the bars should be slightly greater than the width of your shoulders. Otherwise, you risk injury to muscles of the shoulder girdle.
Then take the hang position on straight arms. Start the exercise from the top position, which will allow your muscles to contract and get ready for work. Slightly tilt your torso forward and descend slowly by bending at the elbows. Down fall have not completely, but only partially, so that the angle of arms to 90 degrees. So will work the outer and medial heads of the triceps.
If, wrung out on barsyou wish to use your chest muscles, lower yourself down as much as possible until your brush will not be at the level of the armpits. This full stretching will help to take away back shoulder departments hands, thereby fully activating your chest muscles. Then follows a pause (1-2 seconds) and lifting.
Pumping the chest, raise the push UPS with your elbows out to the sides. Pumping triceps, lower arms parallel to the bars during all movement phases. The upgrade should be performed as smoothly as the descent. And remember that you need to try to pump the muscles, and not to chase the number of push-UPS. Perform as many repetitions as you can. Feeling of fatigue, accompanied by mild pain in the muscles, discontinue the approach.
Beginners should try to do each time each time more and more push UPS. Over time you will develop the strength of grip, arm strength, and a sense of intrinsic muscles. Then, you will have to resort to the help of special programs. But do not forget about sports nutrition and rest. Push UPS before and after them will recharge energy and rest in order to be ready for further training.