If you want to develop the triceps on the parallel bars should:
- Stand in its original position.
- From the maximum top position, slowly lower to the maximum.
- When straightening hand to stretch the triceps.
This is an exercise to do for the maximum number of times, in 4 sets.
For chest muscles you need to:
- Stand in the maximum upper position.
- Maximum lower position to bend torso parallel to the bars.
- Back to the original position.
Repeat for the maximum number of times, four approach.
To pump up the press follows:
- Sit on the parallel bars.
- Feet should rest on the opposite rail.
- Straighten up parallel to the legs and return to starting position.
This activity to do in 4 sets maximum number of times.
The bar develops a large number of muscle groups, depending on grip.
In order to pump up the pectoral muscles and muscles of hands, you need to:
- To take grip in two times greater than shoulder width.
- To catch the maximum number of times.
- To repeat four of these approaches.
For the development of the inner chest muscles should take a narrow grip.
To pump up your biceps to do the exercise internal or "female" grip. Hands are shoulder width apart.
If you want to learn how to do "power outlet", you need to:
- To take the shell normal grip shoulder width apart.
- To catch up.
- At the peak, try to throw the elbow up.
- After the hand is confidently entrenched, to throw a second hand.
You can throw just two hands, you learn that after practice with the above-mentioned method.
To learn how to do "lift with the coupfollows:
- To catch up to her chin.
- Raise the legs vertically upwards.
- Tighten it so the belt was at the level of the horizontal bar.
- Elevate your legs over the bar and make a coup.