If you have weakened muscles of the arms and back, you find it hard doing push UPS, start with the simplest kind of exercise that can be performed by absolutely everyone. Stand at a distance of one meter from the wall, put his hands on her as much as possible. Start to bend your arms at the elbows, throwing them to the side, tilt the body to the wall. The back should be straight, not prohibite case, here, we need only hands. Repeat this exercise as many times as possible and go to the next level.
For the next exercise you will need any emphasis, it can be a chair, a bench or gym ball. Put your hands on emphasis, the torso should be a straight horizontal line, keep your backs straight, toes rest on the floor. Working only the hands, the body remains stationary. All these exercises will help you to get closer to the cherished goal – to learn how to do push-UPS.
Get on your knees, cross your legs between them, put your hands on the floor. The back should be straight, buttocks lift. Start slowly to descend, the head must look at the floor. You may find it very difficult to do this exercise, but gradually increasing the force you will only make progress. Remember, the main thing here – the technique, so it's best to do a few right than many times anyhow. So if you're not ready for this level of push-UPS, go back to the previous one. Once you are able to do push-UPS this way twenty times, you can safely move to full pushups from the floor.
So straighten your back, never bend or move your hips, press your palms into the floor. Slowly lower, dilute elbows to the sides. Pay attention to your breathing: when lowering and breathe when you start to climb up and out. For proper breathing get a run. The next step for you can be push-UPS on the fists or fingers.