You will need
  • - the horizontal bar;
  • - the uneven bars.
Foot pump with horizontal bar and parallel bars fail. Use squats on one leg "pistol" and by standing with one foot on a stool. Wide muscle of the back swing pull-UPS wide grip to chin and behind his head. For long muscles of the back, use gipernatriemia body on the bars. To do this, hang on the bars so that the stomach lying on one of the rungs, body with hands and feet down. Fix the feet for another bar and begin to straighten the torso.
Pectoral muscle it conventional push-UPS to simple and wide bars. If simple push-UPS on the uneven bars podhisita your knees to your chest to increase the load on the muscles of the chest. Also use the equivalent of push-UPS, leaning feet and hands on the crossbar of the projectile. Useful this exercise: making a lifting force on the bar start to bend and unbend your arms.
Download biceps with pull-UPS on the bar reverse grip. Triceps exercise with push-UPS on the uneven bars grip from the inside. To work out the abdominal muscles, use the leg lifts to the head in vis on the crossbar, the leg lifts focus on the bars, and the following exercise. Hang on the bar upside down to keep the legs bent at the knees. From this position start the UPS to the bar. To build side muscles, in the previous exercise when approaching the torso to the bar take turns to the side.
Train 3 times a week so that between sessions was 1 day. Do each exercise no more than 15 times in one approach. Enough for beginners 3 approaches for each exercise. Subsequently, the number of sets can be increased. Break between sets – no more than 1 minute. The whole exercise should not take more than an hour, and after a year of occupations it can be increased to 2 hours. In order to meet this time, gradually reduce the break between sets.
In order to achieve faster progress in a day of rest to start a jog, active, ski, swim. Note on food: it must be complete, with a high amount of protein and carbohydrates. Get carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, cereals and bread. Get proteins from meat, fish, poultry, grains, and legumes. Additionally, take vitamin-mineral complexes.