Understand an important point: with each new supplier, the store gets a new problem. The experience of previous errors on the part of vendors makes leaders store be wary of new offers. Therefore, the sale of goods consists of 2 parts: first, you "sell yourself" as a reliable business partner, then sell the goods. Understanding this nuance will help you to see the situation from the point of view of the other side and to find the right words when negotiating.
Go to the store to find out the problems of potential partners. Forget about your product. Tell me, what are you going to operate in this market, but now came to know the challenges faced when working with suppliers. Listen to said and promise me you'll come when I can offer a solution to these problems.
Consider the past conversation. Find weak spots in the competitors work on the basis of said you. Develop a design shop service, superior proposals from other suppliers. Think about how to effectively show this difference to the management of the store.
Re-negotiations. Until you tell about the product. The question is how comfortable will the buyer to cooperate with your company.
Get the first order for the supply of goods. He may be small, because you will experience. Discuss the minimum order quantity for the future.