Come up with a name.
Title – the essence of advertising. Most often, the buyer only reads it, so it must concisely and accurately convey all the information about the product.
Force the buyer to draw attention to the product. You need to "Button". Task buttons - to make people need emotions to facilitate a purchase. It can be an accent for any quality of product, or claim that this product is buy only the best buyers. "Button" - those words which affect the consciousness of the person, motivating him to buy. Buttons must be placed near the header, they should be catchy and memorable.
Survey buyers/ Find out what buttons are most effective, what do they like productx of the group, that is totally unacceptable, what criteria they use to choose a product from the same. The answers to these questions is "button".
Well-designed graphic or photo that accompanies your advertisement. It may sometimes not be directly related to the proposed product, but its value in influencing the buyer is enormous. The task of drawing to evoke emotion, a smile, or, conversely, to make us think. Unlike text, drawing people covers the eye entirely, i.e. the impact of spent a lot less time, and the effect is very high. The pattern carries information not the mind and the subconscious. It is easier to remember and in collaboration with other elements having the desired effect.
Prove the necessity of the product. Today, with the abundance of different products is very difficult, but very important to prove to the potential buyer that he needs your product. Initially, you need to know the demand, that in the future it fit. Advertising must tell the consumer about the positive changes that will come in his life after acquiring such a valuable item. To make a purchase, it is necessary you, because your product is the solution to his problems. At this point it will help reviews of satisfied and happy owners of your products.
Make a purchase of goods available. If the result of the above actions the customer wants to buy your product, show that he will do it very easily and quickly. Give him complete information on the location of your store, make a map. If you have the service of home delivery – emphasize it in the ad copy.