Advice 1: How to interest the customer by telephone

Usually the beginning of a business relationship is a phone call with the offer of cooperation. To this it was held, need to build communication and interest of the client.
How to interest the customer by telephone
Welcoming the interviewee, if possible, contact him by name and introduce yourself. You should give the name and briefly describe yourself and the firm.
For example: "Good morning, Mr. Jackson! My name is Alexander, I am the Manager of the company "Ilanda". Wholesale kitchen appliances".
Caring about the customer.
Be sure to take care of his comfort, asking if he had a couple minutes of free time.
For example: "could you spare me two minutes of your time."
If the client says too busy, ask what time is best to call back, so it was convenient.
Position of the client, making a small compliment to the firm.
For example: "In the business community, your company has established itself as a reliable partner. We'd like to offer you cooperation on favorable terms."
This way you will be able the customer's interest in continuing the conversation.
A short presentation
Summarize the benefits of your products. It is not necessary to extol, celebrate that it is, for example, enjoys a good demand in the market or its superior quality to most similar products in the same price category.
Create intrigue.
Recall on favorable terms, of which you spoke in the beginning. Tell us about the special conditions, which are the most serious clients. Offer to speak about them at the meeting.
The "finish" of the potential client.
Don't ask the customer whether he wants to meet, but simply ask about the possibility of this meeting.
For example: "We need to meet with you personally, could you give me some time tomorrow, say three o'clock?"
Prepare the ground for a fruitful meeting.
Find out the email address of the customer and send him the presentation of the product and the offer. If the client is familiar with all the necessary information in advance, you can throw all the forces not to enter in, and belief. But do not forget to check with the client if he got acquainted with the submitted proposal.

Advice 2 : What does the term "cold calls"

Active sales by phone – today, that's no surprise. The Secretary of each organization familiar calls from different companies offering different need or not goods or services.
What does the term "cold calls"

Calls and sales

Conventionally, all attempts to sell something on the phone is divided into two categories: "cold" and "hot" calls. "Hot" calls is calling customers from your own database. It is the people and organizations with whom you have ever worked, that is, a contact is adjusted, and you just have to offer them new services and products or inform their actions.

"Cold" calls is an attempt to find new clients. It is the primary phone calls to those people and organizations that would never have worked, during a conversation, you can introduce yourself and make an offer.

Why such calls are called cold? Is anyone not exactly known but one can assume that the point is, how does a potential client call Manager: usually the reaction is quite cold. Old customers are more friendly calls, because if they have already used your services and was satisfied, then it is probably not averse to continue the cooperation.

Why cold calls are perceived as cold

First, if the organization works in a big city and there are some years, such calls a day is received very much. Even if you offer something worthwhile, imagine the person to suggestions several times a day!

Second, not so often managers, make cold calls, do offer something worthwhile. Often companies have specific needs, but they usually try to solve as quickly as possible. What is the probability that the Manager will make a cold call at precisely the moment when the client has a need for his service or product? Of course, not 100%.

Thirdly, the fact that the Manager made its offer, it takes time. And if such calls a day a lot, then imagine how much it takes to listen to someone's offer, then politely decline.

Effective cold calls

If you want your "cold" calls of the clients were truly effective, you should stick to a certain strategy.

To make the right call, conduct pre-training. Finding out the size and specifics of the business a prospective client, you will understand more about whether he needs your product. And awareness that you will demonstrate in a short telephone conversation will allow you to break the ice which will be present before a person will pick it up.

Do not put a goal to ring up more customers per working day. It is better to choose fewer companies, but those that do are your potential customers. This will give a much greater effect.
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