To sputum became thin, drink plenty of fluids. The amount of water, juice, juice should be about 3-4 litres a day, of course, drink so much can not everyone, but you have to try, otherwise the phlegm just won't be able to move around the bronchi. If the expectoration does not occur for a long time, though wheezing in the lungs, it is very dangerous, as mucus begin to develop harmful bacteria.
Take mucolytic agents of vegetable origin for 15-25 days, they don't cause harm, but to provoke the withdrawal of phlegm from the lungs. If you take medical drugs, then follow the instructions of the doctor. But remember that after the disappearance of all symptoms you need to take remedy for a few days, do not drop the treatment midway.
When you feel that high sputum in the bronchi, breathe in as deeply as possible and try to cough. Some people helps to cough following method: you need to drink two glasses of water, lie on your back for about 30 minutes to take deep breaths through the mouth and to cough. Sputum should move.
Can also use and warming up procedures, they have an irritant effect and cause light to reduce and phlegm starts to move under the influence of heat. Use a heating pad, put mustard, banks or commit other thermal effects on the chest. For example, can heat salt and put it in a sock or shawl (tuck edges so that the salt doesn't spill) and put a kind of poultice on his chest. Lie with him for about 1 hour, the oxygen then becomes abundant.
To improve sputum discharge may visit a therapist, and he will give you a referral for physiotherapy. You should not engage in treatment of cough alone, especially if the sputum viscous and comes out very bad, can cause complications, the treatment of which will take a lot of time.