You will need
  • - herbal (fir, pine, juniper), eucalyptus oil, dry chamomile;
  • - expectorant drugs;
  • - radish juice with honey infusion of herbs thermopsis, licorice root, drink viburnum, etc.;
  • - ready breast fees;
  • - onions, garlic, milk.
Complete draining exercises. A certain position of the body and improves the expectoration of sputum. Positional drainage run in the morning and evening – lying on its side, with toned chest to feet, take a deep breath and exhale, clearing his throat several times. Stand in the knee-elbow position, sveste head down and intensely processes.
Moisturize the air in the room. To make viscous sputum liquid and to improve its discharge, the need to monitor the humidity in the room – periodically spray spray plain water, use humidifiers, hang a battery with wet towels. Breathe in the bathroom filled with hot steam from the water.
Take a course of physical therapy massage, improves removal of phlegm from the respiratory tract. Effective acupressure – within 10 minutes the technician working on specific points on the back, causing bronhorasshiratee effect and improving expectoration of mucus. Sessions of cupping massage is performed through the day – smeared with vaseline is applied back to the Bank and make it a rolling movement from the waist to the neck.
Make inhalation. Prepare herbal coniferous (fir, pine, juniper), add a little eucalyptus oil and dry herb chamomile. Breathe in the healing steam, covered with a dense blanket for ten minutes. After the procedure do not go outside within the hour.
Drink a lot. Entering the body fluid liquefies viscid mucus, which subsequently displays easier and faster. Drink showing warm, alkaline. Effective herbal drink – infusion of pine buds, decoction of raspberry, marjoram, mother and stepmother, St.
Take expectorant drugs. Their intense action allows you not only to get rid of mucus in the bronchi and lungs and increase immunity (ACC, "Mucosolvan", "Ambrobene", etc.).
Use herbal methods: radish juice with honey infusion of herbs thermopsis, licorice root, drink viburnum, etc. Ready to breast fees, which can be purchased at the pharmacy consist of several herbs and have a pronounced expectorant action. Onions and garlic, boiled in milk, eases cough and viscous sputum output.