If the cough persists, you need to consult a doctor. But before you start treating the disease with drugs, worth a try tried and tested folk remedies. Try to apply the treated with boiling water berries, turn into a puree and add the same amount of honey. Admission – several times a day.
Similar recipe with honey - mix honey and cranberry juice.
Cook in milk for ten heads of onions (not large) and the garlic, add the honey and mint leaves infusion. After the infusion take a tablespoon every hour.
A good helps from cough infusion Fig. To do this, boil figs in milk for half an hour and leave to infuse, then turn into a homogeneous mass. This sauce should be consumed 4 times a day half a Cup.
Proved this remedy: take a glass of lime honey and lime blossom and boil with half a glass of birch buds. After five minutes strain the solution and add to it a tablespoon of honey and aloe. Eat 3-4 times a day. Store this medicine in the refrigerator better.
Substantial assistance will have an infusion of herbs. For its preparation take two spoons of mother-and-stepmother, and Althea, and one teaspoon of oregano, pour a mixture of boiling water and infuse for four hours, then filter. You need to drink the infusion throughout the day instead of water.
A similar effect has another infusion made from 1 tsp wild rosemary, one teaspoon of marshmallow root and two tablespoons of leaves mother and stepmother. The mixture is also poured boiling water, infused and taken throughout the day as the main drink.
Significantly bring relief for wet cough the use of badger fat if you RUB his chest. This tool will help to accelerate healing.
Pay attention to the nutrition of the patient. It is important to reduce the amount of solid food, drink liquid cereal. Try to make a salad of black radish with sour cream or during the day periodically let a spoon of candied lemon. Some herbalists say about the healing effects of grapes and bananas. It is better to abandon the use of coffee, hot and spicy foods.