You will need
    • rolled oats - 1/2 Cup
    • water - 1 Cup
    • raisins - 1 small handful
    • Apple - 1pc.
    • sugar - to taste
On the bottom of the pan put a handful of raisins. This dried fruit will add the porridge taste good. The raisins strengthen the nervous system, acts as a sedative. Heart and lungs are also exposed to the healing action of dried grapes. Doctors recommend raisins as a remedy against anemia.
Pour on top of cereal.
Cover with cold water. If you want thicker porridge, add less water. In the cooking process to pour more cereal or add water. Try to keep the porridge is not too thick, but not was like soup.
Many Housewives cook porridge with milk. Oatmeal, cooked with water, not worse. Milk just adds calories, making porridge satisfying.
Close the lid, put on medium heat. When the boil – turn down the fire to the smallest.
At this time, take the Apple and cut into small pieces. While you process the Apple, porridge is almost ready.
In a pot of cereal, add chopped Apple, stir. Add a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of honey. If you want the porridge was more sweet, add the sugar – about 1 tablespoon.
Mix. Turn off the stove, cover pot and let sit for a few minutes.
In a bowl put a small piece of butter, pour on top of cereal. The finished dish can be decorated with pieces of fresh fruit or jam. Bon appetit!