Advice 1: How to cook porridge oats

Oatmeal is one of the most useful for children and adults. It contains a lot of protein, vegetable fat and mineral substances. Usually oatmeal porridge, boiled cereals, but cereals can cook a great nutritious Breakfast.
How to cook porridge oats
You will need
    • 2 cups oat groats;
    • 4 cups milk;
    • 1 tsp salt;
    • 2 tbsp. butter.
Porridge from oat groats can be cooked whole in water or diluted milk. You can also use evaporated, condensed or powdered milk, diluted with water and the cream. Diet porridge boiled in plain water without adding milk.
Because oat groats – whole grain, you need to consider that in the milk it will swell and reach readiness is slower than in water. Therefore, it is recommended to tenderize in the water.
Try oatmeal, wash it in several waters and cover with boiling salted water, leave to swell for 3-5 hours or overnight. You can do it without pre-soaking grains: add enumerated and washed the oatmeal in boiling water, remove the pan from the heat, cover and leave for a while for the swelling.
Swollen rump drain in a sieve to drain the water. Then put it in the boiling milk, add salt and cook for 20-30 minutes on low heat until thick. Porridge needs stirring from time to time and to do it slowly because rapid stirring slows down the cooking.
In the finished porridge add the butter. You can serve it with fruit, raisins, prunes, nuts, etc. sweet Lovers can refuel porridge with sugar, cinnamon or jam to your taste.
Another way of cooking porridge of oat groats is as follows: soak cereal in 2-2,5 volumes of hot water, leave for 3-4 hours. Cook porridge in the same water and put to aprivate in a warm place. Porridge from oat groats require more time to uprawiania in comparison with other cereals. The thus prepared porridge add butter and cream.
Porridge from oat groats can be included in the diet of those who want to lose weight, because it has a high nutritional value and low calories because of the low content of starch.

Advice 2: How to cook an omelet with oatmeal, herbs and onion in a slow cooker

Rolled oats, eggs, greens - an indispensable product for those who want to lose weight. If you make an omelet with oatmeal, herbs and onion in a slow cooker, you can make the dish as useful as possible. All the products are perfectly combined with each other and enrich the body with many useful substances. They will help to cleanse the body, strengthen the metabolism and burn unwanted fats. This omelet can be a complete main dish to help lead the figure in order. And this is very important on the eve of the spring-summer season.
How to cook an omelet with oatmeal, herbs and onion in a slow cooker
You will need
  • - 3 eggs
  • - half Cup oatmeal
  • - 100-150 grams of milk
  • - fresh herbs
  • bow
  • - salt to taste
  • - 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
Pour oat flakes with milk and leave for 5 minutes. Parsley, dill finely chop. Egg whisk, add salt.
Pour the oil into the slow cooker, add the onions, put the frying mode for 40 minutes. Cereal with milk mixed with egg. Beat well, mix with greens.
After 20 minutes, the prepared mixture was poured on the onions in the slow cooker and continue to cook the remaining 20 minutes. The omelette out onto a plate and fold in half, onion stuffing inside. This portion is for two.
Scrambled eggs with cereals, greens and onions are not suitable for daily use. Careful to eat eggs and need people with high cholesterol.
Useful advice
For those who want to lose weight, cook a dish you need for the basic recipe. But useful oatmeal not always love children. And some people don't like and onion, and greens. Therefore, you can make an omelet only with oatmeal. Disguised in oatmeal, you can make the dish as useful as possible.

Advice 3: How to cook oatmeal with fruit

The benefits oatmeal has long been no doubt. However, not each is impressive in its appearance and texture. Mess will certainly become more attractive if you decorate the finished dish with orange slices, whole berries, nuts. A pinch of cinnamon will give the oatmeal flavor.
How to cook oatmeal with fruit

Bland taste of oatmeal and her "snotty" consistency is far just like. However, taking care of your health and if you want to lose weight, Willy-nilly, to master the recipes of its cooking. After all, the more useful this diet meals to find. Nutritionists argue that the healthiest oatmeal, whole or crushed, boiled in water without sugar and salt. However, a large pinch of salt won't harm you, and sugar substitute honey and fruit in summer fresh, winter – dried or frozen.

How to cook the healthy porridge

Even in pursuit of saving time, you should not choose cooking oatmeal cereal, as preliminary heat treatment has deprived them of the beneficial properties inherent in the germ of the oats. If the choice fell still on the cereal, it is better to stay on the "Hercules" or the flakes "Extra – 1". The grossest, and, therefore, rich in fiber, is "Hercules" is a separate cultivar of oats.

The quality "Extras" has a gradation. "Extra-3" — delicate flakes which cook within 5 minutes. They are good for baby food and for people with problems of the digestive tract. "Extra – 2" is made from crushed grain and will require twice the time for boiling. The flakes "Extra-1" are produced from whole grain, and therefore will cook 15 min. They are not less useful than "Hercules".

The concept of delicious oatmeal at everyone. Someone who likes liquid, and some prefer thick. Therefore, the ratio of cereal and liquid may be 1:1 and 1:2. For whole and crushed oatmeal the proportion of other - 1:4. To speed up the process of cooking Breakfast, whole grain oats pour boiling water in the evening.

And in the morning to swollen Cup of oats to add 0.4 liter milk and cook 20 minutes on low heat. In the ready porridge is added to taste chopped or grated fresh fruit or steamed in boiling water dried fruits. Of course, to cook a delicious healthy porridge, you need to strive in the evening or in the morning to get up early.

Recipes quick cooking oatmeal

Cereal, it's much easier and faster. Rinsing them , you can just pour water mixed with milk, add salt and bring to a boil, reduce the heat. Then left to languish Breakfast for 5-7 minutes. Washed dried or frozen fruits can also send directly into a container where the prepared porridge. During this time they will not fall apart and will retain their useful properties. Attractive and distinctive taste of porridge with orange.

To do this, the orange cleaned and divided into segments. Before cleaning fruit, its need a good wash, because the zest will also go to the cause. She rubbed and several slices to mush squeezed juice. It all goes directly into the container for cooking of cereal along with cereal, water or milk. The remaining fresh orange slices complemented the dish already on the plate.

The Scots prefer not to cook porridge, and fill it with rapid stirring in boiling water. Then remove the pan from the heat for 20 minutes. Salt, sugar, fruit – all of it is added to the porridge at room temperature. The Americans to accelerate cooking oatmeal for Breakfast additionally crushed cereal blender.

Oatmeal with fruit can be prepared from flakes in a cold way. For this evening "Hercules" should pour a mixture of yogurt, fruit, nuts. You can add a pinch of cinnamon or coconut flakes. Put into the refrigerator is not necessary. Enough to leave covered with a bowl on the kitchen table that the next morning the aroma of oatmeal with fruit signaled the start of a beautiful day.

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