You will need
  • - oat cereal - 1 Cup
  • milk - 2 cups
  • - water - 1 Cup
  • - butter
  • Sol
  • - sugar
Take oat cereal and carefully move it – you need to filter out particles of foreign debris, and husks of cereals.
Pour water into a saucepan and milk. Milk can and not diluted with water – in this case, the porridge is usually a more intense flavor. Water and milk boil. Add salt and sugar to taste.
Once the liquid in the pot begins to boil, add grits and reduce heat. Simmer the porridge, stirring constantly, to not burnt.
How long to cook oatmeal – you can determine at a glance as soon as you see that all the liquid evaporates and barley is considerably increased in size and became more dense, it means the dish is almost ready. Usually the cooking time is Herculean porridge is 10-15 minutes. Mess transfer to a plate, then cover with a lid or another plate.
Let stand for 15 minutes. Then remove the lid, add a spoonful of butter, and porridge is ready!