The reason for the yellowing of the hair

Yellow faced by most of the blondes who decided to lighten my hair to a more cool shade. It normally occurs in 8 of 10 cases after the procedure, clarifying and occurs because of incorrect hair coloring (low-quality dye, violation of the rules of painting, long exposure of the dye on the hair), washing the bleached hair with running water (rust and iron salts penetrate unprotected pigment of the hair and lightening dark hair.

Yellowness after bleaching dark hair is a result of a natural process – the hair just trying to get back to its natural color.

Modern cosmetic market offers a wide range of tools to get rid of the ugly yellow. The most popular of them are toning silver shampoo, containing special pigment, permanently neutralizing the yellow tinge of the hair. However, the use of silver shampoos to be very careful, because keeping it can give the hair a light ash or light purple color. Also yellowing can be removed by using shampoos for gray hair, or products based on plant extracts of birch, chamomile or nettle.

Natural remedies

To get rid of unsightly yellowing after bleaching hair, you can use folk remedies, which include rhubarb, honey, chamomile and kefir. To prepare honey mask, warm up a sufficient amount of honey in a water bath and apply along the length of the hair, promazyvaya each strand. Then you need to wrap your head in a warm cloth and rinse with honey after a few hours.

To bleached hair is a beautiful and soft sheen, after washing off the mask is desirable to rinse them with fresh lemon juice.

To make a mask out of the rhubarb, pour 1 tablespoon dry chopped roots of any 500 ml of white wine (you can use boiling water) and cook the mixture on slow fire to evaporate half the liquid. Then the mask, strain, cool and apply on hair about 40-50 minutes.

To prepare yogurt mask will need 50 m of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of shampoo, 2 tablespoons of vodka, ½ lemon and egg. All the ingredients you need to mix until smooth, and smear this mixture of each strand. After 5-6 hours is necessary to rinse with and rinse hair decoction of chamomile.