If you change colors within the same categories (blonde, brown or black) no more than three shades, the easiest way is just to grow hair. To the border of the staining was not as noticeable, use coloring shampoos. They do not hurt the hair, but give them the desired color. Do not forget to regularly shear off regrown ends.
Those who dyed hair in a dark color, it may be advisable to turn to professional hairdresser who will do the procedure decamerone. This so-called "wash", in which with the help of special drugs from the hair washed away the pigment. But still then have to paint the hair with the color closest to your natural, because after "washing" is usually a light brown color with a slight reddishness. In addition, the pickling is very dry curls.
It would seem, bringing color back to bleached blonde hair the easiest. It is enough to repaint them in the dark. But it's not. In the process of lightening the hair is very weak and porous, and the paint falls on them unpredictable. You may receive an ugly greenish tint. This comes from the fact that the paint you painted the hair, has bluish poddana. But a skilled colorist can avoid this. When choosing a dye it takes into account many aspects. And also there are different shades which, when mixed to get the right color. In the home make it very difficult.
Return of the red colour in the natural the hardest. Red pigments penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, and to wash them is almost impossible. Professionals recommend in such cases to change color gradually. It is a long process. Will gradually change the tone towards your desired natural color.
And, of course, the easiest way to return your natural color is just to grow hair. To speed up the process, use a variety of tools to enable this process. It concentrates, and folk remedies, such as masks of onion and red pepper.