You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
To determine the identity numbers of any country, look at the first digit that comes after the plus. After this, open the online table of telephone country codes, for example:, or Similarly, you can learn about the more detailed territorial jurisdiction.
If you want to know the membership numbers of a mobile phone of any operator, run the search code in the Internet, use the three digits following the country identifier. Also you can learn is associative or on the official website of the operator.
Use the resource to ascertain accurate information about the location you are interested subscriber. In the left side menu, click the Number Analysis Tool, and then proceed to check the telephone numbers in the window.
Enter a number in the international format, given the rules: the first is the country code with the plus sign in front of him, followed by a three digit code. If the area code four digits and still enter a three-digit number. They all entered through the dash.
Next, enter a single number the remaining digits. Press Enter and wait until you see the results. Please note that this applies both to numbers of fixed phones and mobile.
Review the information on the next page there will be displayed the membership numbers to a country, city, region, operator and so on. In the case of an incorrect input results to show. This service is free, so do not use alternative paid help to clarify such information in the future (characteristic of some sites).