With start, you will make calls from the accommodation mobile operator or room is fixed, as output in the telecommunication space can be used by various codes. To call to any country in the world, regardless of the telecommunication company in which you are served, you need to know the country code, area code or region number.
For calls from Russia to international communication using fixed communication use code 8-10. For example:8-10-(country code) (city code)( number) of the subscriber. CIS countries have a standard international format set: Russia, Kazakhstan : +7 (yyy) xxx xx xx (11 digits) . Ukraine: + 38 (yyy) xxx xx xx (12 digits) to call Belarus is: + 375 (uu) XXX XX XX (12 digits). The number of digits in the set of numbers of the phone depends on the country code.
In accordance with these formatAMI, dial 8 - 10, then the country code then the subscriber number. Please note that if you set the format of thee 8 - 10(for fixed connection) " + " country code is not reached. Depending on the service provider code 8 - 10 may vary. In this form it is used when you call the company and Rostelecom. When calling through the operator Arktel enter this combination: 8-26- (country code) (area code in the country) (area code) (number phone number). If you call through the international Transit Telecom, you should call: 8-58- (country code) (area code in the country) (area code) (number phone number).
To dial numbers with your mobile phone, you need to apply the above international formatthat you want to start with a " + " sign. For example, to call to Ukraine, dial: +380 (xxx) yyy-yy-yy. For calls to countries not listed above, use the algorithms presented above.