Least likely to make repairs in the bathroom and the toilet in the first place is related to the complexity and longevity of this process. In addition, these rooms, despite their small size, require rather large investments. Therefore, if you decide to make repairs in the bathroom and toilet, then this should be treated responsibly, to not have to return to this question again in a year or two.
Repair bathroom and toilet is not worth saving, because it is a long-term investment. It is desirable for him to devote the maximum possible amount of money, this will allow you to purchase more quality materials for finishes.

What is the cost of repair in the bathroom and toilet

With the right approach, the repair of any premises to start with budgeting. Of course, when referring to the firms that perform the work of "turnkey" calculation of the cost of the services and materials will provide a ready-made, but keep in mind that it will be not an economical option. As the estimated cost of repairs can be estimated and using on-line calculators, in the end the result is not quite accurate. An estimate you can own, it is quite simple, the main thing not to forget anything and to consider all nuances.

The calculations consider the following main points:

• the cost of construction materials (glue, tiles, pipes, etc.);
• the cost of repairs;
• cost of furniture and accessories;
• additional costs (delivery, garbage removal, remodeling, etc.).

Calculation of repair in the bathroom

It is more convenient to calculate the quantity of material on the drawing that you can draw by hand. To find out the required quantity of any materials: tiles, panels, glues and other, it is first necessary to calculate the surface area.
When counting the number of materials to the obtained result, it is better to add another 3% as the error in the marriage.

To calculate the area you need to measure each wall, ceiling and floor in all directions. Squaring of the surface is computed by multiplying the longest width. For example, floor space in the bathroom 1.5 m x 1.6 m $ 2.4 m (S=1.5 x 1.6 = 2.4 GHz). In the calculations we must not forget to take away uncultivated surface: door, ventilation, space for shower cubicle.

With the cost of furniture and additional costs all of just the value these components you must learn in advance from the service providers and interior. As for repairs, the amount they spend depends on the skills and desires of the owner. You can hire a team that will independently perform all the necessary work, or to find a professional who will help with the fact that the owner does not know how.