You will need
  • Software Microsoft Outlook Express, Gmail.
If you are using the default email client in your operating system, for example, Microsoft Outlook Express, you can save all your mail on your computer. Why is it done? To transfer all emails from one computer to another, and also with the possible collapse of the system uses this method (saving to the media). In the main program window and click the top menu "File" from the list that appears, select "Open". In the dialog box, you must specify the option "Export to file" and select "Outlook data File". Do not forget to specify the name of the file your emails (add to the file name creation date, archive messages).
If you don't use programs that access the mail servers, you can use their web clients. From existing members, at the moment, the most universal is Gmail from Google. Mail from Gmail allows you to archive any mail and store it on your server that will allow you to save disk space. In addition, you can combine multiple mailboxes.
All archived emails are stored under "All mail". The letters, which were simply deleted, disappear from the mailbox after 30 days, archived emails are stored forever. To archive emails, select it by clicking on the empty checkbox (square), then click "Archive" in the toolbar above the email window. Note the archived emails if you have received a few emails from this sender, they form a chain, i.e. you can control the message with one mouse click.
To move the letters or chain emails in the Inbox, select one or more emails and click the "Place in Inbox.