Update the list of incoming emails. Open and review attachments before saving them. You can do it from the open message, double-clicking the files. If several messages, mark the desired list using the mouse, then click on the list, right-click and select "View attachments". If you want to view the files in plain text format or HTML, go to the reading pane in Microsoft Outlook, click on the desired attachment, and its contents will be displayed instead of text messages.
Save all attachments from messages on the computer's hard disk. This open letter scroll down to see the attached files. If the message is in HTML format or plain text, go to the tab "Attachments" in the menu "Actions" and select the option "Save all attachments". To save all files of emails in RTF format, go to the File menu, select "Save attachments" and press "OK". Before saving the attachment, specify the path to the desired folder on the hard disk of the computer.
You can select all attachments, or a few of them to save manually. To do this, click on the desired of them, hold down the CTRL key. Then go to the tab "Attachments" in the menu "Actions" and click "Save as". If you want to save the attachments one at a time, click on the desired file in the Outlook reading pane, right-click and from the menu select "Save as". Do not forget to specify the correct folder path for saving files.