Take advantage of the capabilities of the management interface of the mail boxth. If you used all e-mail operations to perform on the website of the postal service, start with authorization, and then go to incoming e-English services it is called InBox).
Select the messages you want to delete. As a rule, to highlight the message in the web interface, you must put a mark in the checkbox placed to the left of the row of the desired letter. If you have to completely clear out your Inbox from all the messages, then mark each line separately, not necessarily at the bottom or top (depending on service) should be one "main" checkbox. Putting in this tag, you select all rows from the table with the list of letters on this page. Sometimes the mail interface enables more fine-tuning e-mail filtering. For example, the postal service Google (Gmail) to this checkbox attached drop-down list, which you can use to mark all read, or rather further unreadable letters. You can highlight the ones you previously noted or on the contrary do not have such "bookmarks". In addition, please note that some services are grouped letters in chains - all correspondence with a single recipient and a subject falls into one string in this list. Putting the label in a string, you mark all the emails in the chain.
Find the delete button after select all the desired messages. It should be placed above or below the list, depending on the service you used. Besides the option of removing most of the web interfaces have other functions to restore order in a boxE. In Gmail, for example, selected emails can be backed up or moved to a specially created folder. And you can send them to "Spam" this topic is automatically cleaned after a certain service period. By choosing the desired option of Stripping the boxand click the appropriate button.
If you use a mail program installed in your PC, then the principle of cleaning the mail boxs will be the same - you need to highlight the letters that you want to delete and click the Delete button.
In residential programs, in addition to this method, it is possible to use the context menu and hotkeys. For example, a mail client The Bat you can click on need of Stripping the box , right click and select the context menu item "empty folder". Or you can do the same by pressing CTRL + Del.