Advice 1: How to transfer emails to computer

Often e-mail Inbox receives many messages. And some of them may contain information that is still needed. For convenience, you can save the email in a special folder on your hard drive. But if you install the mail program, the messages will be saved on your hard drive.
How to transfer emails to computer
You will need
  • - Notepad or Microsoft Office Word;
  • - e-mail program (The bat, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Windows Mail).
To save the message from the email Inbox on your computer, create on your hard drive a text file with Notepad or Microsoft Office Word. Open the file and copy the letter text, then save. If the message was attached to a file - a picture, music or video, save it separately for that in your mailbox there is a special button. Of course, you can try to use the method "File" - "Save as...", but it doesn't always work. You may find that the file is empty, without text.
If you want all incoming mail is maintained not on the mail server and on your computer, install any email program. The most popular of these is The bat, Microsoft Office Outlook and Windows Mail. After installation configure the program. If you wish to have copies of the letters were also preserved on the server, specify it in settings.
If you have any mail program, and you want to uninstall it and switch to another, first export all the emails in the folder of the new program. To do this, create the hard disk folder for emails from each of your e-mail box. Select the appropriate directory first in your email client, select all the messages. Click Tools - Export Messages - Message files (with the extension .eml) and save the emails in the newly created folder. This step repeat for all folders e-mailboxes.
Import messages into the new mail program. Configure program to create a new account. Create the same mailboxes that were in the old program. With the help of a newly installed email client open in one of the previously created folders, choose the files with the extension .eml and drag them into the appropriate boxes.

Advice 2 : How to copy text on computer

A novice PC user may face this problem. You have a book or other printed publication, the text which you want to copy to the computer. Or some website you found useful information and you want to save in the form of text, lateral file. What to do in such situations?
How to copy text on computer
You will need
  • ·Scanner
  • ·A program for text recognition
  • ·Internet access
  • ·Text editor
If you need to save the information with the print edition, you can fill the text manually, but that's quite a long and tedious process. Better take advantage of modern developments in the field of copy and recognition of the text. First, scan the document.Many scanners have software a very useful feature recognition text. The scan result will be a document in texta my format, copied from the printed edition.
But unfortunately, the built-in function is not very high quality to recognize words, especially if your source is badly printed. In a texte will meet a lot of mistakes, the letters are replaced by others, like writing letters or even numbers.
Alternatively, use a special program that recognizes text from scanned images. The result of such copying of textand the computer will be better.
And the third option would be to use the online service to recognize text. The following resources are offered through the Internet to download the scanned document. After recognition you will also receive the text, which later can be copied to any texteditor like. But here, too, there will be mistakes that will have them.
Carefully read the received recognition result document. Do not forget to check with the source. Make corrections where necessary.
To copy text, you must place it in the clipboard. To do this, move the cursor to the beginning of the document. Press the left mouse button and keep it pressed, then move the cursor around the texthave to end. Now release the button.You can use another allocation method. Position the cursor at the beginning of the text. Press Shift and hold, move the cursor to the end with the arrows. Then release Shift.
Then press the right mouse button and select from the menu the function "Copy" or press Ctrl+C. this action, all selected information will be copied to the clipboard of the computer.
Now you have only to paste data from the clipboard. Open the document to which you want to copy the text. By clicking on the right mouse button to invoke the secondary menu, where you select the function "Paste" or press Ctrl+V. All the information will be inserted into your document.
Using the clipboard you can copy text from Internet or other sources.
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