You will need
  • - Notepad or Microsoft Office Word;
  • - e-mail program (The bat, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Windows Mail).
To save the message from the email Inbox on your computer, create on your hard drive a text file with Notepad or Microsoft Office Word. Open the file and copy the letter text, then save. If the message was attached to a file - a picture, music or video, save it separately for that in your mailbox there is a special button. Of course, you can try to use the method "File" - "Save as...", but it doesn't always work. You may find that the file is empty, without text.
If you want all incoming mail is maintained not on the mail server and on your computer, install any email program. The most popular of these is The bat, Microsoft Office Outlook and Windows Mail. After installation configure the program. If you wish to have copies of the letters were also preserved on the server, specify it in settings.
If you have any mail program, and you want to uninstall it and switch to another, first export all the emails in the folder of the new program. To do this, create the hard disk folder for emails from each of your e-mail box. Select the appropriate directory first in your email client, select all the messages. Click Tools - Export Messages - Message files (with the extension .eml) and save the emails in the newly created folder. This step repeat for all folders e-mailboxes.
Import messages into the new mail program. Configure program to create a new account. Create the same mailboxes that were in the old program. With the help of a newly installed email client open in one of the previously created folders, choose the files with the extension .eml and drag them into the appropriate boxes.