The meaning of the word "gang"

To better understand the meaning of "bunch lake", will have to consider both components of this two-part idioms. If the lake is clear, the crew, the situation is not so simple. This word has two meanings.

Gang – so called in Russian a bucket or small tub, sometimes bath basin with two handles. We can say that it is a cross between a basin and a bucket of width and height. Gang use in the bath for bathing. It is usually made of wood or metal. It is somewhat dated, today's gangs are often called basins.

The word "gang" is of Turkic origin. Interestingly, in modern Turkish language it means river barge, and not amenities.

Another meaning of the word "gang" is a criminal group for illegal or destructive activities. Sometimes called a gang and a group of children or adolescents, clearly giving the word a negative connotation. If they say that gathered a gang, we mean that the group clearly has good intentions.

The paradox of the word "gang"

Despite the fact that the value of "gang-watering" closer to the second meaning of the word "gang", that is, we are talking about a group of people with reprehensible intentions or interests, the second part of this idiom appeared by Association, rather, with the first value. Indeed, it is much easier to remember the watering can, if we are talking about a basin for water, than the criminal group.

It turns out, the meaning of the idiom "bunch lake" is much softer than "gang." When they say "gang-watering", as if I want to emphasize that the interpretation of ironic that a bunch of lake gathered a little confused and doubtful.

To the synonyms of the expression "gang-watering" usually include the following words: bench, gang of brothers, the gang, CompUSA.

Possible origin story

Linguists cannot come to a consensus about how to link the gang as bath affiliation with criminal gangs. But in this respect there is a theory. If you think about it, "vessel" and "ware" have a common origin, a vessel often called boats and vessels. It is believed that the words "ship" and "utensil" also have a common origin.

In the Bulgarian language by a gang called the boat which went to trade Zaporozhye Cossacks. Shopping gangs often robbed by pirates and turned into a pirate court. Perhaps, therefore, became known as the gang first gang of pirates, and then any criminal group.

Also the gang was named after the boat, by analogy with the dishes, get the name of the dish. Or Vice versa.