Identify the goals of the organization. It may be charitable, social, cultural, academic goals, health, the environment, the spiritual needs of citizens. Consider the implementation of a public organization of business activities corresponding to its aims and objectives.
Consider and pick the organization name. It should reflect the territorial scope of activities (local, regional, interregional, etc.). Public companies may carry out its activities only on the territory of the subject on the territory of which is registered and has its structural units. The choice of names comes from the fact that it should reflect the purpose of the establishment of the organization and to be unique.
Identify the founders of the organization. It should be a capable physical person or a legal person (public organization). For registration of a public organization requires at least three founders.
Prepare a package of documents for submission to the registering body:

- a statement, certified by a notary;

- The Charter;

Protocol decision on the establishment of community organizations;

- the documents confirming the right to use a legal address;

- receipt about payment of state duty.
Submit the documents to the registration authority (Ministry of justice). Registration lasts for about two months. Upon review of the documents by the inspector of the Ministry of justice adopted the decision on registration of public organizations shall be made or reasoned refusal. The Ministry of justice sends the documents after registration to the tax authority for making entry in the Unified state register of legal entities. After that, the documents are returned to the Ministry of justice.
After receiving the Ministry of justice from the tax authority of the documents within three working days to you (the applicant) must obtain the certificate of state registration. From this moment on, the public organization is a legal entity with all the consequences of this fact, rights and duties.
Contact the tax authority and on the maintenance of statistics for statement on the account, will receive appropriate certificates.
Open a Bank account, then informing about it the tax authority within five days.
Carry out registration of the legal entity on the account of extra-budgetary funds (Pension Fund, mandatory medical insurance Fund, social insurance Fund). Then you have the right to fully carry out the activities envisaged by the Charter of a public organization.