For entry into the Union of artists of Russia must comply with certain formal characteristics. A member of the Unionand may become a citizen of the Russian Federation aged over 18 years, professionally engaged in any kind of art. Applications are considered from artists, conservators, art historians, and students in these specialties. In addition, the Union can be taken craftsmen who created significant works of authorship.
Before joining you should read the Charter Unionand of artists of Russia. This document fully gives an idea of the goals of the Unionand its activities, rights and responsibilities of membership. Acceptance of the terms of the Charter – a prerequisite for applicants. Find the text of the Charter is easy. He posted on the Internet, and is also available in each regional office of the Unionand in the libraries of art schools.
After examining the Charter, visit the regional office of the Unionand artists. There you will be able to clarify any questions on the policy of the Unionand get the necessary to fill the documents. In addition, you will meet current members of the Unionand feel the atmosphere of creative enterprises. If in your city there are no representatives of the Unionand try to find the address and telephone number of the office in a neighbouring region. This can be done by phone and address directories, via the Internet, institutions of culture and art: museums, art galleries, exhibition centers.
Then proceed to the collection of documents. You must submit to the Commission:
- autobiography;
album of reproductions of creative works;
- list of major works in chronological order from the beginning of creative activity;
- a list of art exhibitions in which you participated, in chronological order;
- list of professional creative awards, copies of diplomas, certificates of honour, letters of gratitude;
- a list of publications about your work and copies of these publications in chronological order;
- creative characteristic, drawn up and signed by the art critic - member of the Unionand of artists of Russia;
- the recommendation of the Chairman of the relevant sections of the regional branch of the Unionand of artists of Russia;
- recommendations from three members of the Unionand of artists of Russia with the experience not less than 5 years;
- certificate of residence;
- a photocopy of the passport;
- a photocopy of diploma;
- a photocopy of the certificate on statement on the tax account (INN);
- a copy of pension insurance certificate;
- 4 photos 3x4 see the List of documents can be reduced or amended in accordance with the rules of the regional office.
The most important part of your portfolio is an album of reproductions. It should be submitted at least 20 works. Collect the brightest and most significant works describing you as an artist. Make them professional photos (size 15x20 cm and Then glue each photo on a separate sheet of thick white cardboard. At the bottom specify the full catalogue data of the artwork.
When applying you will be offered a sample of the application for membership in the Union of artists and a personal piece of accounting personnel that you fill yourself.
Then the leadership of the regional office will set a date for consideration of your application. At this meeting you need to attend for presentation of their works. The decision is made on the basis of the evaluation of creative activity and potential capabilities of the applicant. Extract from the minutes of the meeting shall be sent to the Secretariat of the Unionand of artists of Russia for final approval.
Artists who successfully passed the entrance test, issued a membership card of the Unionand is appointed and the period of payment of membership fees.