MS Word 2003
First create a table by clicking on the toolbar menu "table" and then selecting the "Draw table". Received inside the cell, type the text.
Then, select the desired text, click the right mouse button and open the "Direction of the text". You can also do this by clicking on the menu "Format" - "Direction of the text".
In the window that appears, select the direction of the text of the three options. Save the changes by pressing "OK".
To remove the table border, click on one of the side lines of the cells, right-click, then select "Border and shading". Going to the tab "Border", you can delete one or more lines, change thickness or color.
MS Word 2007-2010
To create a table, go to "Insert" on the toolbar, then click on the button "table", select the number of cells.
Enter the text, select it and click the right mouse button. Next, open the window "Direction of the text".
Edit the borders of the table occurs on the same algorithm as in the previous version.