Select a notebookthat you will be comfortable. If you plan to write not only for a Desk, but in "field" conditions, when there's extra time, choose a copy with hard cover. So you will be able to maintain legible handwriting. In addition, this notebook will remain for a long time, page not washing's to come on the edges and won't wrinkle.
Very comfortable notebook with inserted blocks of paper. You can add the missing leaves, if suddenly the information was more than you expected. In addition, you can remove the extra sheets and write in your notebook only the most important. Together with blocks buy several colored plastic dividers. Their protruding parts write the name of the subject, lectures in which you will record, or any other sign by which entries can be divided into blocks. The inscription put upright.
In advance, draw on all pages field. They are useful not only to students of the school. On this space you can put any additional information without cluttering up the main text.
Each entry in the notebook start with the title. Write it in a larger font than the rest of the text. Place in the center of the row. With headers you will be able to quickly navigate even in voluminous notebooks.
The key word in each passage of the text reduce. Writing it at the beginning of the synopsis as a whole, later limited to the first letter and point. To save time, use and other reductions. Long words reduce to the following: the first syllable, the hyphen, the end. For words that end the same way, create the symbol, for example, a vertical line, a wavy line, the zigzag. Think in advance of these symbols and write them separately.
The legend will need for notes in the margins. There you can put question marks and exclamation marks to make it clear which question you need to clarify or what to focus on.
To avoid confusion all fictional characters, make a kind of dictionary. On the last page of notebook to write all symbols and decode them. Also write down what colors you used to highlight text. For example, a green marker to underline the definition in red - quotes, etc.
During the recording of lectures give all the introductory words and design. Lyrical digressions and references to other sources of information briefly bring to the field – write there the name of the author and the title of the book, where you can read additional information on the topic. Difficult words to replace more simple synonyms, if you do not change the meaning of the text.
When the notebook ends, make a note on the flyleaf, all the titles in order. Next to each, write the page where you start writing on this topic. On the relevant pages, write their numbers. The room is best placed in the upper right corner – lower area can streptise because of the frequent turning.