Advice 1: How to disable the home region Beeline

To call Russia or other countries, make calls, surf the Internet, send messages in the Vladimir, Kaluga, Bryansk, Kostroma, Tver, Ryazan, Ivanovo, Tula, Smolensk and Yaroslavl regions can be at the "home rate" even if you are outside of your region. This was made possible thanks to the service called "Home region".
How to disable the home region Beeline
As soon as the need for such a service will disappear, it can be deactivated with USSD-command *110*240# or call on free number 067409240. If necessary, put to use as "Home region" plug it in any convenient way, for example, dial the number 067409241 or send a request to *110*241#.
To produce the connection/disconnection of services is possible and the number 06688. Call on it and then select the required item by following the voice menu prompts. The cost of connection will cost subscribers of "Beeline" in 10 roubles, and the monthly fee is equal to 2 rubles every day (all prices are inclusive of VAT).
To manage your services (choose the required connect and disconnect them, change their tariff plan, block number and so on) and using a special system or command *111#.

Advice 2: How to connect home Internet Beeline

Describing the benefits of the service "Home Internet"marketing company ""Beeline"" refers, first of all, free connection, no additional hardware, high speed, great rates and service"trust payment"" (credit) for the week.
How to connect home Internet Beeline
You will need
  • Application form, contract, computer, cable
Before applying, check whether you have connected your home to the Internet (all addresses are listed on the siteBeeline. There you can see the text of the contract on rendering of services of communication and a form of the subscriber.
Leave the application on the company's official website or by phone 8-800-700-8000 (round the clock).
The contract can be signed at dealers or in the offices of "Beeline". In official documents indicates that at the signing of the Treaty and accompanying papers the operator may use the Fax
the method of reproduction of the signature by means of copying. Under the service contract, the subscriber is given the ability to access the "my account" on the website of the company, and he shall at least once a week to monitor the information posted by the operator in the "dashboard" and on the websites of services "Beeline". In the "dashboard", you can choose the most convenient tariff.
As soon as you connect the network cable to the computer, all local network settings are installed automatically. The easiest way to pay for home Internet from "Beeline"is to buy a single card this mobile operator (of any value) and then activate it in your "Personal Cabinet". You can also pay online through the terminals, Bank card, Yandex-money" or mobile payment, etc.
Also among the advantages home Internet from Beeline is available - free access to the games on a local network, a license antivirus and connection WiFi-router (adapters), as well as many different payment methods.
Useful advice
Technical support is available around the clock. Possible voluntary lock home Internet "Beeline" for up to three months.

Advice 3: How to disable the "Home region"

Subscribers of the mobile operator "MegaFon", residing in the territory of the Far East or Siberia, have the opportunity to use the "Home region". Connecting the option and leaving outside of your home area, you will be able to chat with friends at the old rates. To disable the service at any time.
How to disable the "Home region"
Disable the service "Home region" by means of special USSD-commands entered from a mobile phone. If upon connection of the option you typed *437*55# and press the call button, to turn off in the combination of symbols is added to figure 2, the command will look like the following: *437*55*2# and "Call button". If you want to check the status of the options, instead of 2, enter 0.
To deactivate, use the system "Service-Guide". In the first place will receive a password, dial from your phone dial *105*00# and press "Call". Your phone will receive a message from the operator with the universal password, remember it or save the message.
Please visit the official website of the cellular operator "MegaFon", located at On the page, find the link on the desktop and click on it. Next, enter the phone number and the password received.
In the menu that opens, select the tab "Services & rates" click on "Change services". Tick the option that says "More", in the opened list find the option "Home region", uncheck it. After that save the changes.
Disable the service by calling short number 0500. Listen to the answering machine, wait for a response operator. Then call out a code word or your passport data (that is, the owner of the account). Only after providing this information, the employee of the cellular company can disconnect service.
If for any reason you are unable to disable the above means for assistance, contact the office of services for individuals or representation of the operator. If you are an entity, you just need to send a formal letter by Fax or visit the office of services to corporate clients.
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