You will need
  • - telephone number of the cellular operator "MegaFon".
The service "Home region", which provides its customers with the cellular operator "MegaFon", allows you to save on calls, no matter in what part of the country the user is located. To take advantage of this opportunity, before the departure to the neighboring region just plug this feature and enjoy socializing at the usual rate.
The option "Home region" is available to subscribers using tariff plans Busy, the Rate of the year, MegaFon-Modem Unlimited, Uniq, TOP, war, Challenge XL, Uniform, Homemade, DV light, Designer, Customized, MegaFon-Modem Plus, MegaFon-Modem, Ruble, Smeshariki, First Federal, Student, Rate A, Your время1, Rate C, Rate B, E Rate, Rate D, Penny, Free Time Prior.
Connect service you can in several ways: through your mobile operator using the self-service system "Service-guide" or by sending the connection request.
The first option is convenient, but not always. Contact the operator, you can find the answers to all your questions about the terms of service and payment rate. You don't have to type anything and connect yourself. But the downside of this communication is that lucky you may not. Sometimes waiting for the operator to have up to twenty to thirty minutes.
Service "Service-guide" allows the subscriber to activate and disable this option yourself. In order to use this service, dial on your phone combination 105# and follow the prompts.
For those who don't like to quickly resolve all the questions, there is quite a convenient way – sending a request via the USSD commands, which allow you not only to connect and disconnect various services, but also to check their condition. For example, to connect to "Home region" is enough to dial *437*55#. To disable this service you can also send the corresponding request. But in this case you will need to score *437*55*2#. To check the status options and to obtain the necessary information will help the following combination of characters *437*55*0#.
Daily fee is charged and per day is 2 rubles. The connect service will cost you 25 rubles. If on account of a smaller amount, you will not be able to make the connection. You have to first fill up the balance.