You will need
  • - solution furatsilina;
  • - solution of streptocid;
  • - gauze.
Education purulent a proside in tonsils associated with frequent colds, runny nose, chronic and acute tonsillitis and even cavities. So start treating the underlying cause. And with the help of additional procedures contribute to a more rapid recovery.
Usually the presence of pus tubes in the throat indicates unpleasant putrid breath. However, sometimes they can be seen with the naked eye. In this case, wrap the finger with several layers of gauze and pressing down, alternately wipe each amygdala. Usually after this part of congestion is beginning to emerge.
Gaps rinse with any antibacterial agent, for example, furatsilina. Dilute it powder in 0,5 l of boiled warm water (before formation of a light yellow color) several times to thoroughly rinse the throat. Perform this procedure up to 5 times a day.
10-20 minutes after each washing of the tonsils from purulent plugs make them from irrigation or lavage with a solution of streptocid. This tool is effective in the treatment of purulent angina and chronic tonsillitis. For its preparation grind one tablet of soap, and dissolve the resulting powder in a glass of warm water. Also rinse them a few times the throat. Despite the bitter taste, not drink and not sedate it until the complete cessation of bitterness in the mouth, give the drug to exert its action.
Usually washing furatsilina and irrigation with soap removes purulent tube in the throat for 2-3 days. However, treatment spend at least 5-7 days. And in addition to these funds use the inhalation, rinsing needles or chamomile (anti-inflammatory).