A dry cough is an unpleasant symptom that persists when you try the expectoration, but rather exacerbates the overall condition. In some cases, dry cough can win in a short time, but sometimes it can be delayed and continue to torment the person for several months.

Reasons for a prolonged dry cough

To determine the correct course of treatment, the doctor usually tries to find out the cause of a prolonged dry cough. One of the most common reasons may be banal at first glance, cold. With reduced immunity, it can quite easily go first in acute and then in chronic bronchitis. Persistent dry cough – one of the symptoms of bronchitis. In this case it can be faster to go to the doctor, as his background may develop pneumonia.

Another reason for the prolonged dry cough – chronic pharyngitis. In this case, the person feels a tickle and sore throat. Accurate diagnosis can the doctor, and treatment is often performed in the hospital.

If dry cough is accompanied by fever, shortness of breath and chest pain, then it is most likely pleurisy. Also light dry cough can be a symptom of incipient tuberculosis. The person begins to lose weight, the body temperature rises, and at night the patient is tormented by chills.

Methods of treatment of dry cough

Identifying the cause of the prolonged dry cough, the doctor prescribes medication. In most cases, a patient prescribed the drug Central action, which possess antiphlogistic, analgesic and spasmolytic. Good benefits have, as a rule, a variety of drugs on the basis of the syrup. Among these preparations you can select the "Pour", "Gerbion" and "spray Aqua Maris.".

The first drug is an antitussive drug, has expectorant properties and anti-inflammatory action. "Pour" is recommended to be taken during an acute dry cough of different origin.

Do not believe that a drug based on plant components, antimicrobial and expectorant action. These drugs are particularly effective for the treatment of dry cough in children. In some cases, can be prescribed drugs narcotic orientation, with the presence of codeine or morphine, for example, "spray Aqua Maris." - combined antitussive, secretolytic providing the action.

Drug treatment must be combined with non-drug to achieve faster results. If the cough is due to cold, then the patient is recommended to drink warm milk with the addition of soda. Also you can try to treat dry cough decoction of herbs, such as black radish juice with honey or a decoction mother and stepmother.

It is often a good effect inhalation. This is especially effective method for the treatment of cough in children. But it is worth remembering that water temperature should not be above 40 degrees. Another important factor with dry cough – the air in the room. If it is dry, it can be one of the reasons that a dry cough does not go into more humid. In this case, you must use a humidifier.

If dry cough persists, you need to re-apply to the doctor and undergo a more detailed examination to determine its exact cause and prescribing the right treatment.