The snake is a symbol of wisdom, tranquility, cold mind. What could mean this dream what to expect after seeing this sign? One of the dream book says that to dream of snakes it means to feel aggression or to be overtaken by the insidious machinations of enemies. Women such a dream could Herald a struggle for survival in the team, approaching trouble or remorse for some action. A large number of small snakes may mean the hospitality of the people who behind the back slander and slander. If a big snake curled up peacefully ring - the enemy waiting for the right time to start the intrigue. Seeing such a dream, be wary and be alert to avoid possible trouble.

Why a woman sees in a dream a snake

The woman, who saw a dream in which snakes were dead, you should be careful in friendship – possible hypocrisy by the close friend. If in the dream a snake bites someone, it means that the man himself may offend close, without realizing it. To kill the snakes in the dream to the fact that to achieve the desired result will use all available means to win in this case almost in his hands. Folk dream book says that the snake is a very complex character. To see him means, on the one hand that one should beware of enemies, on the other, it can be the embodiment of wisdom and balance. For women also may indicate a rival nearby, and may from time to time itself is not outstanding.

The interpretation of the different dream books

The dream interpretation of Aesop, there are several interpretations what dream snakes. One common explanation is the omen of a new life. Such a prediction is due to the ability of the snake to renew its skin, shedding the old. And don't forget about the fact that snakes are long-lived and hence, portend a long healthy life. If someone close is suffering from the illness, that character can determine the imminent deliverance from disease and the attainment of equilibrium. But if you had a chance to see a snake basking in the sun, this means that in reality somebody actively dishonest credible. The water snakes seen in dreams, could mean that in life the person will soon feel the influence of a very strong person. Playing snake is the symbol of intertwined passions, eroticism, ambiguous situations.

The man who saw in a dream a snake, don't be afraid and give your dream an unpleasant significance. It is better to focus on good omens - new life, healing, overcoming trouble. Never forget that a positive attitude and good thoughts help to cope with the negative things.