You can arrange a masquerade ball. You need to prepare the invitation to indicate that the guest was wearing a costume of a favorite movie or cartoon hero. And you can arrange a competition for the best performance of scenes from the movie, in the end choose the winner and present him with a kind of "Oscar".
Draw on the flipchart a funny picture and cut out circles to make guests could stick my head in. In the midst of the holiday can roll out a screen with the hidden until the picture and choose participants. When the guests take their seats, open the picture and give participants an assignment to make a dialogue that is only indirectly associated with what is drawn. For example, on Whatman paper painted a couple, he was handcuffed to the bed, she sits on top, and the dialogue should be on "the Policeman stopped the girl who exceeded the speed". You can prepare a few drawings to participation in competition have accepted more guests.
If you want to surprise your beloved, then get a room at the hotel, nothing to him about it without telling me. Decorate the room, set the table, prepare yourself (buy beautiful lingerie or a maid costume or nurses), call the faithful and say that waiting for him. Such a gift he will never forget and will long to brag to your friends.
Usually presents in the day of the birth give to the birthday boy, you can surprise your guests gift to them. Give your guests a fancy dance or a song. Of course, will have to prepare in advance. But as you amaze your friends, who well, did not expect such a step from you.