You will need
  • - the script of the holiday.
Prepare the script of the holiday. You cannot rely on chance and hope that will take into account your situation and find the words. If you are a novice presenter, search the Internet for scripts of holidays. You should not copy any of them, it is better to make your own suitable to this particular occasion.
Find out more about the birthday present for the birthday guest. This will help you to understand how best to focus the conduct of the holiday and what contests to use. If you lead an evening adult generation should not offer too honest game. In a young company, respectively, may use them.
Think of or find a few unusual toast in honor of the birthday. It may happen that guests hesitate to congratulate the hero of the occasion at all into the microphone, prefer to communicate with him personally. So the evening became too boring and quiet gatherings, take the initiative into their own hands and use the birthday greetings from everyone. It is better if the toast will be humorous, but in moderation, not to offend anyone.
Watch the hotel. In any company there are more relaxed people who are willing to participate in all contests and games. However, please pay attention to those who are constantly sitting at the table. Gently try to engage them in fun, selecting appropriate people for these roles. It is not necessary to make a person, but you can offer him a few options. Your task as a facilitator – not to get bored any visitor on holiday.
Give the guests time to eat and just dance to the music. Don't be too Intrusive, otherwise you will get tired. Take breaks in the games, it is not necessary to conduct several contests in a row. Most importantly, be sure of yourself and pay more attention to the birthday as it is his feast day.