You will need
  • cards;
  • music centre, guitar;
  • - pool towels;
  • - the equipment for volleyball, badminton, Golf;
  • - prizes and Souvenirs.
  • card;
  • - treats.
The venue of the festival.
Consider the rule if the house outside of the city, if the restaurant – the presence of outreach services is required. Stuffy apartments and restaurants is no surprise. If the weather spoils you, set the table directly on the street, in the gazebo. But if the window is winter, the table in the house, and barbecue in the yard. Restaurants with outdoor service – not a cheap thing, but there's a lot of advantages. The shore of the lake and the garden – all will be fabulous with comfortable conditions. Staff will install tents, lay the tables, will provide you with everything you need.
Send your friends invitation cards. Let in them is the name, the date and the start of the holiday. Cards pack in clean white envelopes, all enveloped in an atmosphere of mystery. Can gently insist on a dress code, most importantly, don't tell the guests where the event will take place. If you are celebrating outside the city, ask them to dress sporty and bring swimsuits if it's a Banquet in retro style, even ladies will be dressed in long, light dresses, hats and be sure to take umbrellas. The picture is just fantastic nowadays.
All are accustomed to having guests come at the appointed time and place independently. Change the tradition. If you allow the financial capabilities, call each limo or van in hippie style. Take a collective stroll around town, arrange a photo shoot. Then all together go to the place of celebration.
No restrictions, your holiday – your choice. Twenty cake or pig in apples, variety of salads and appetizers, drinks and fruit. Perhaps if the restaurant exit, the receptionist will offer you special dishes of the chef. Outdoors, any treats will be pletetsya for both cheeks.
For bridesmaids with parasols select wicker rocking chairs and benches, so girls had a place to gossip. Young people will not refuse from party poker. Musicians, tape drives, or singing with guitar – dances the place to be. Build for that free platform, hang the garlands and balloons. In the hot summer you can not do without a pool. This is where our bathing suits. Prepare for towels and bedding. String up the volleyball net, lay out a badminton racquet. The presence in a country house table tennis will be a nice addition. But if you take the time and prepare a small space for a game of Golf, your guests will be blown away. Let active games interspersed with get-togethers and a glass of wine. The feature of the evening – the game of forfeits. Pre buy small gifts for guests to commemorate this wonderful day.
Accepting congratulations and gifts at the last raising of the glass. The evening over, the guests tired and happy, the birthday boy, resumenanny and confused, the most convenient time for the logical conclusion. Don't forget to thank the guests and consider how to deliver each home.