You will need
  • Bandages, antiseptic preparations, boiled water.
In ancient China, people began to think about how to speed up the healing process. Then this question was particularly relevant, as the soldier who received a wound in battle, it must quickly return to duty. China's method of healing was not quite normal - the resulting wound was allowed to lick the dogs. Many referred to this method with disgust, however, it turns out that the saliva of dogs are powerful substances that have antiseptic properties. You can also recall that in Russia to the wound was applied the cobwebs. The fact that it consists entirely of protein, which allows for broken tissues to quickly make up for losses.
And a bruise can be applied plantain leaf. This will speed up the healing process. Most people still prefer to use its own healing, the ancient recipes. But do not forget about modern ways. First, you need to consider the type of wound. If the wound is deep, then, of course, you need to go to the hospital, such as the wound healed quickly, if not to sew. The doctor will process an antiseptic tank seam and will prescribe you medications.
If you got a small scratch or wound, then you can do without going to doctors. Wash the wound warm boiled water. In no case do not wash with water from the pond, since this water may be present bacteria that are very dangerous for the body. Then treat the wound with iodine or brilliant green. If it's a small scratch, then gently spread it with iodine. If the wound is significant, try not to get into it with iodine or green paint, as they can burn unprotected tissue and increase the healing time of the wound. A shallow wound it is not necessary to bandage. Remember, the larger the wound gets oxygen, the faster the healing process.