To sign up to the doctor to Perm from the comfort of home using a computer and the Internet, you should go to the website
Further to this portal need to register, i.e. fill in all the fields located on the page of the site, namely the username and password for future access to the website, a valid email, full name and date of birth of the registered person.
Then you definitely need to read the rules of use of the medical portal, and put a tick in the little window, signifying the acceptance of all the clauses of instructions.
In the window "Code from the image must be depicted on a blue background letters and numbers.
Further, in the lower right corner of the page click "OK", confirming the correctness of the entered data.
After that the specified email address will receive an email containing a link to activate your account. By clicking on it and clicking on the opened page, the "OK" button, you must log on to the website, ie enter in the appropriate fields your username and password.
On the next page-the files click the "Add person".
Next you need to make in the appropriate fields all necessary data: name, gender, date of birth, phone number, current address, and the serial number of the medical insurance policy. And again to rewrite it in a window "captcha" numbers and letters shown on a blue background. You should then click on the "Add"button.
After some time, the site administrators check the data entered and approve them. Usually this occurs the next day after sending the information to check.
To make a file Cabinet can not only their data but also their family, friends and work colleagues who do not have access to a computer.
To sign up to the doctor to Perm, you must choose from filing for the right person interested in specialist and specific medical institution.
Then choose the name of the specialist from a list of doctors.
Then choose the day of the week and a convenient time for a visit to the doctor. Clicking on the selected cell will pop up a window with recording options. If all details are correct, click "Correct" if something is wrong, click "Cancel".
Information about the records to the doctors you can always see in the "My notes".