Note that while the boil is not ripe and will not break itself, to squeeze out it is absolutely impossible, even if you treated the wound and his hands with antiseptic. The fact that the abscess in the skin is a kind of capsule, which collapses when squeezing the pus from boils for immature gets into the lymph, the blood and thus spreads throughout the body. When the boil is ripe, it will burst himself, and he will make all the pus with pieces of dead tissue, which was the "core" of the boil. In this case, the wound will heal quickly.
If you want to boil has ripened faster, then you can use the special blends and packs of popular recipes. So, you can make a mixture of 3 parts ointment Vishnevsky and 7 parts of pine oil. The resulting composition, apply to a bandage and apply to the boil, cover all compressor paper and tie again with a bandage. Change the dressing 2-3 times a day. In places with rough skin you can do a compress only pure pine oil, however, note that in this case, it may burn. Also for early maturation of boils you can use bandage with wheat and barley flour. Very effective is mixed with resin of turpentine tree planting cress.
When the boil is ripe, to open it easily and without a slit. This should make him a special potent folk medicine. So, for example, helps to open the boil the dressing of honey and the root of Narcissus. Will help the boil to burst and mixed with the dirt from the hives of bees mediasonic resin pine.
After the boil is opened, it is necessary to extract from him the pus. It can be used, for example, Vishnevsky ointment. However, note that it has a very unpleasant smell, and in contact with the clothing of possible spots, to wash that hard. In connection with this specified ointment can also be replaced and a cake made of honey, mixed with flour, baked in pastry with onions, cooked in milk with onions. In addition, you can also prepare a cake of rye bread, mixed with plenty of salt.