Despite severe damage, to reduce a dislocation of the knee is quite simple. Fully extend the lower leg with resistance at the protruding ends and secure the joint with a bandage or plaster for 4-6 weeks. Then exercise the joint and develop his massage.
Much more common subluxation of the knee joint, which is characterized by a slight displacement of the tibia on the ends of the femur. This reduce a dislocation as well as complete dislocation of the knee, with the imposition of the locking and restraining bandage for 3-4 weeks. However the easy treatment amenable to fresh sprains, chronic and repetitive injuries athletes only require minimally invasive procedures through endoscopy.
Patellar luxation is also injured, often calling habitual dislocation. Its rare to see physicians, because often sick, feeling and rubbing the kneecap, he sets it in place, and in case of habitual dislocation as quickly cope with the problem. Do not forget that this is also a trauma and to try to temporarily reduce the load on the damaged knee. As a rehabilitation therapy to effectively use massage in conjunction with physical therapy.
It used to be that a common dislocation of the meniscus, but recent practice shows that usually did this injury is a fracture, so it is recommended to go to the doctor, not relying on self. Although it is much more important to be able to prevent injuries that occur more often because of the enthusiasm of extreme sports, so you need to always use protection and Supplement it with bandaging joints with an elastic bandage.