If the result of a fall or blow some soreness in the knee joint, worse when walking, and swelling of the knee – contact trauma point. After the radiographs, the doctor will make the diagnosis and prescribe treatment. If time does not seek help and no therapy – formed chronic dislocation with subsequent limitation of joint function. The sooner you get to the reception to trauma – the easier it is to reduce a dislocation. Reduction of produce, as a rule, under anesthesia. During anesthesia the muscles and tissues of the joint capsule are relaxed, which allows to restore the anatomical topography of the knee joint.
After reduction the knee joint is tightly fixed. The doctor put a bandage on it, providing immobility of the articular surfaces. In the case of minor damage surrounding tissues and impose elastic bandage, more serious injury requires the imposition of gypsum. Wear the bandage for at least 6 weeks after injury, and during the walk, use a cane. A cane will allow you to move the center of gravity on the healthy leg, thereby ensuring immobility of the articular surfaces in the knee region. Where possible, limit travel, it will accelerate the healing process of damaged ligaments.
During rehabilitation treatment, in addition to locking of the knee, take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics for prevention of infectious complications in the area of the damaged joint. If you are experiencing severe pain, take painkillers.
Rehabilitation will be faster, if the daily diet contains all the necessary vitamins and amino acids. Eat a full and varied, take vitamin complexes.
After take off the bandage, start a course of therapeutic massage and restorative physical exercises. All this can be done on the basis of rehabilitation centers or in regular physiotherapy. After completion of treatment try as much as possible to walk, gradually increasing the distance traveled. To return to active sports only after full recovery of the knee joint.