Advice 1: How to make the most spray

A gun in the household necessary, and sometimes indispensable, with which you can whitewash the wall, clean the glass, spray unwanted insects and leaves of flowers if you want them to moisten. To make the spray can, it is enough to know a few intricacies of the process.
How to make the most spray
You will need
  • glass or plastic bottle, tube, tube, scissors
Find 20-30 minutes of time.
Prepare work area and materials (plastic or glass bottle, a cork and a small tube). In this tube you can take out of any material from plastic to metal. In place of the tubes will fit even empty rods gel or ballpoint pens, as well as tubes from droppers for medical or food sacks. As tube should take a regular cork from wine made from balsa wood or simple plastic.
Close your bottle stopper.
Make a small cut in the tube in its upper part.
Fill the bottle with water, a solution of chalk, paint or other desired liquid.
Connect the tube and the spray device so that one tube is inside and the second out. The tube should be connected by the letter "T".
Attach to one end of the upper tube pump or a vacuum cleaner.
Begin pumping the air or turn on the vacuum cleaner.
The spray is ready, you can safely use them.

Advice 2: How to make a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a vital necessity for everyone – what else appliance to quickly bring your house in order. Although if you don't want to spend money on expensive equipment, you can make a cleaner with your own hands.
How to make a vacuum cleaner
You will need
  • Empty bottle
  • Sponge for washing dishes
  • Silicone
  • Garden hose
  • Electric pump (for example, you can take this from an old self-inflating mattress)
Cut the hose into two pieces (length can be choose according to your taste, but the piece that will be used for dust collection should be two times longer than the second).
Cut a hole in the top of the bottle and glue to the edges of one end of a short piece of hose. The second end attach to the part of the pump that emits air.
Cut another hole in the sides of the bottle above the hole that you cut earlier. Place the sponge. It will serve as a makeshift filter cleaner.
Now take a long piece of hose. Treat one of its ends with silicone adhesive and attach to the pump. The second end of the hose you will have to collect dust! You can now enable your new vacuum cleaner and start cleaning.

Advice 3: How to make a gift arrangement of cacti

If you need to make an original and not a very expensive gift, try to create a composition of 3-5 succulents, plants are very undemanding to care for that will be child's play.

Typically, such unusual living token very well received, uplifting and permanently stored.

Arrangement of succulents - an original gift
You will need
  • - any small size succulents in small pots: cacti, aloes, euphorbias, crassula, Kalanchoe - 3-5 pieces;
  • - the pot is wide and low (cactusnet), or a large glass goblet for brandy, a small aquarium, large tea Cup, etc.;
  • - packing drainage (expanded clay), you can replace small pebbles, pieces of foam;
  • the soil for cacti (sold in store);
  • - accessories for decoration composition: seashells, sea pebbles, large colored sand;
  • - spray bottle.
Plants in a flower store pick up given the fact that they are beautifully blended together, with different colored leaves of different shapes (elongated, round, fluffy).

If the vessel is chosen small enough three copies, if bigger - five.
For sale is a lot of the original plants
Pour on the bottom of the vessel drainage. Its height should be at least 1/3 the height of the pot. This is to ensure that water does not stagnate at the roots of the plants, and freely through the drainage dripping down. Succulents do not like wet.
Drainage at the bottom for a group of succulents mandatory
Over the drainage place a bit (1-3 cm of soil) and place it out of the pot plants. As a rule, the roots will remain good root ball, try not to destroy it.

Group plants so that they looked each other. In the center or slightly to the side is the highest, next - lower, and the edges are very small.
Pour the ground between the roots of flowers, gently push it with your fingers, so that the surface of the earth in the vessel was smooth.
Adorn your composition with the sand, spectacular, stones, shells. Connect your imagination and place a bright decorative element: the figure of a turtle, butterfly. Set up on a cactus homemade made from paper sombrero, giving the gift of a humorous national "desert" flavor.
Decor for decoration of the composition is desirable
Spray spray plants, sand and stones, washing away dust and dirt.

Important! During the week, don't water the soil from the succulents, otherwise the roots torn during transplantationcan easily begin to rot, plants may be only slightly sprayed. After a week start to pour the composition into the soil, but very sparingly.
If you use for planting glass vessel, in order to decorate unsightly dark soil pre-pour near glass colored sand. Then the composition will look neat and much more effectively!
Useful advice
Do not forget to keep the gift the light and to inform those who hand the gift. After all, it is a plant, and you need to treat them accordingly: light (can be artificial fluorescent), warm and rare, but regular watering.
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