You will need
  • glass or plastic bottle, tube, tube, scissors
Find 20-30 minutes of time.
Prepare work area and materials (plastic or glass bottle, a cork and a small tube). In this tube you can take out of any material from plastic to metal. In place of the tubes will fit even empty rods gel or ballpoint pens, as well as tubes from droppers for medical or food sacks. As tube should take a regular cork from wine made from balsa wood or simple plastic.
Close your bottle stopper.
Make a small cut in the tube in its upper part.
Fill the bottle with water, a solution of chalk, paint or other desired liquid.
Connect the tube and the spray device so that one tube is inside and the second out. The tube should be connected by the letter "T".
Attach to one end of the upper tube pump or a vacuum cleaner.
Begin pumping the air or turn on the vacuum cleaner.
The spray is ready, you can safely use them.