You will need
  • - the stud;
  • - nut;
  • shaft;
  • - bearings;
  • - the cable;
  • - hook.
To make a homemade winch can now virtually anyone. The main thing to have a small amount of available tools, and to purchase in store some required in the manufacture of this fixture materials. Currently in store you can find special threaded studs, which we'll need for a homemade winch. Such a device can serve as a good reducer for the manufacture of the hoist winch.
The device of the winch is necessary to start from sketch. The whole principle of our work lies in the fact that it can easily rotate this threaded rod, nut and fixing it will not need to give the shaft to scroll. If the device of the winch to make it so that the nut does not move along the stud, efforts in this movement of the hoist will need much less than required to rotate a standard winch mechanism out of the store. This way you will save not only cash, but also facilitate the process of lifting weights with the help of a homemade winch.
Take we bought the pin and its ends fastened in the bearings that will be installed on poles. The nut on this stud, most often, is a small rectangular plate of iron, which is welded to several normal nuts. This plate is necessary in order that the nut cannot rotate.
Also this plate is necessary to attach the cable that will raise and lower your cargo. This cable needs to pass through one of the two pillars and also throw it through the block.
At the opposite end of our rope, you can bind an adapter hook or a sling system. It all depends on for what purpose you will use it.
The drive stud in a makeshift winch you insert manually. For simplicity of this process on one end of the winch mechanism, you need to fix a pulley or modern gear.
Thus, only with a few improvised things, you will be able to quickly and easily make the hoist for domestic use.